16 June 2014

6 travel clubs for exclusive hotels at over 30% off

Luxury travel for everyone is no longer just a tag line. Thanks to a variety of flash sale travel clubs you can today have access to truly luxury hotels at heavily discounted prices.

There is no trick. Hotels want to maximize occupancy and reach new markets so, occasionally, they will agree to offer a limited amount of rooms at a hefty discount to lucky guests who sometimes may have to be flexible with dates. 


If you always dreamed of bucket list destinations such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives or Fiji keep an eye on these sites and you will find exclusive resorts in these destination on sale at any time. 

1. The Luxe Nomad

Asian focused flash sale and hotel site which has recently started to offer a range of villas for rental. The Luxe Nomad has been around for a couple of years and is always expanding its range and growing at a staggering rate. Their flash sales include truly high end resorts such as the Six Senses or the COMO Resorts in the Maldives. Subscribe to their newsletter of follow them on facebook and Instagram for the latest flash sales which usually last for a week or so and snatch up legendary hotels at a significant discount. What I particularly like about the site is that they are honest: no hidden taxes or charges, what you see is what you get. And the entrepreneur behind it, Stephanie Chai is a beautiful and inspiring woman to follow.

Oh and their magazine WanderLuxe is worth taking a peek at too for funky, fun and well-written articles on travel.

2. Jetsetter

Launched in 2009 and mostly focused on the Americas and Europe with short inroads into the popular Asia destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia Jetsetter is also a good go-to website for hotel reviews and good travel reads.  Since they have been around for a while they have a large database and loyal following. They occasionally include trips not just hotel booking so you can find a trip to Galapagos or Spain on it too.

To complement the flash sales Jetsetter, like all the other sites, offers a list of tried and tested hotels at best available rates so you are sure that Tripadvisor 5* rating is not a scam and it is truly a luxury resort. Jetsetter also has an app and offers secret hotels where the name is not revealed and the discount substantial

3. Splendia

Focused on Europe with some sprinkling of American and Asian hot spots Splendia is the longest running of the luxury travel sites. They not only offer flash sales but most of their business comes from the list of curated hotels with whom the company says it established long term relationships. They put extra emphasis on discovering hidden gems away from the well known hotels and their reward system, similar to that of airlines, encourages guests to book through them in exchange for redeemable points and benefits for their next booking. Starting at Silver status you can go up to Gold ti improve the level of benefits you get.

4. Secret escapes

Very similar to the previous two and with featured sales across Europe and some Middle Eastern locations. Secret Escapes only offers flash sales and they do not sell hotels at regular prices. They have a membership program and additional benefits. They pride on bringing the hidden gems such as studios, castles or villas and they negotiate goodies on behalf of their guests.

5. Voyage Prive

Voyage Prive goes beyond flash sales and hotels to offer holidays in joint effort with Qatar Airways, to East Africa or South East Asia. Their website is the most complete end-to-end holiday solution. However, the flights included are usually from the UK and the website is focused on the British market

6. Better Late Luxury

The only flash sale contender for Africa Better Late not only offers flash sales to few properties in the African continent but also tailor-made itineraries combining safaris, beach destinations, culture and remote locations. Their flash sales are not yet very abundant but their local knowledge and quality seal puts them in the right position to find that special off he beaten path African experience.

Better Late leverages the inaccessibility of African resorts and the fact that most people book them well in advance. If you are in the region already or if you know it well enough to organise your own trip the flash sales for some of the resorts are unbeatable.

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