30 October 2015

11 September 2014

10 reasons why you should book a sailing trip in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination, the most visited in Asia but, how can you have an exclusive trip with such high numbers of tourists?

1. Beat the crowds

08 September 2014

Flying Emirates A380 Business Class

I have always been a huge Emirates fan, I consider them my airline of choice and after joining them in over 200 flights to more than 15 destinations I have developed a sense of familiarity every time I step into the aircraft.

04 September 2014

[VIDEO] A 2 minutes pool & jungle vacation

On every list of top pools, top resorts, top destinations or top views this pool always features. We are referring to the split level infinity pool at Ubud's Hanging Gardens.

But the resort is much more than just the impossible to stop photographing pool.

Fly on a tour of the resort, the rooms and, of course, the pool.

01 September 2014

Mongolia, riding the tallest equestrian statue


After 3 days in Ulaanbaatar I thought there was nothing else of interest to see or do. I had visited museums, the beautiful and sprawling Buddhist temple complex, the Nadaam Festival and the Terelj National park, on the outskirts. I had seen gers, I had had a wonderful taste of local food and culture and a last morning to spare when someone mentioned that there is the largest statue of a man on a horse just outside the city.

28 August 2014

An iconic infinty pool perched on Bali's jungle

The World's most photographed pool

The Hanging Gardens of Ubud is home of the world's most photographed pool and deserving so.

25 August 2014

Landing on Everest Base camp - An helicopter tour

Next stop: Everest Base Camp

A plane ride over the Himalayas was not enough. We boarded the 30min scenic flight and spend the journey looking through the windows, staring at the snow capped mountains and the bright sun reflecting on the white snow. 

21 August 2014

5 magical honeymoons in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia boasts hundreds of resorts and beautiful islands, parks, jungles, forests and hills. These 5 destinations are not only unique in their location but also extraordinary in service, surroundings and design.

1. Hanging Gardens, Ubud


The world's most photographed pool

18 August 2014

[VIDEO] Mosi-ao-Tunya - An helicopter ride over Victoria Falls

The Mighty Victoria Falls were named Mosi-oa-Tunya, "The
Smoke that Thunders" by the Kololo tribe in the 1800's and are considered the largest sheet of falling water in the world.


13 August 2014

3 helicopter rides of a lifetime

There is something adventurous and exciting about boarding a spinning helicopter. These are three of the most memorable rides.

1. Helicopter to Everest Base Camp

You can choose to trek to Everest Base Camp but, if you don't have 7-14 days to spare the fastest way to the highest place on Earth not requiring life threatening training is via an helicopter ride to 5,300m

The most glamorous stop over for photos

11 August 2014

Asia's best kept secret: 10 luxury resorts in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of those places that brightens your day. The smiles of the people, the singing in their voice, the way in which they press on with hope and positive attitude despite the poverty and difficulties naturally catches on visitors. After just a few days, you'll be smiling just as much.

08 August 2014

Beijing food scene: from critters to fine dining

Beijing's food scene offers everything from hipster hutong eateries to street food, contemporary cuisine and innovative fine dining.

06 August 2014

Komodo 3 ways: from local luxury to vacation extraordinaire

Flores archipelago: A feast to the eyes

Peaceful, rather slow and with a friendly-looking tongue-ticking gaze, the Komodo dragons were anything but the fierceful, dangerous and vicious animals portrayed on National Geographic. Make no mistake, they can be aggressive but probably when the heat is turned on lower than in the sunny summer months.

01 August 2014

Around the world in 180 days - the ultimate journey of a lifetime

With the 2015 journey almost instantly sold out bookings for the 2016 Oceania Cruises' Around the World in 180 days cruise have opened just this week.

30 July 2014

Feeling like an Emperor @ Aman at Summer Palace

Making an entrance

At a time when luxury travel is a regularly coined and overused term Aman Resorts continue to embody the iconic representation of high end luxury and personal hospitality.

22 July 2014

19 July 2014

The train journey of a lifetime - Golden Eagle's Trans-Mongolian

No amount of reading can prepare you for the greatest of the train journeys - The Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok or the Trans-Mongolia from Moscow to Ulaan Baatar are true once in a lifetime journeys. Even more so if they end in Mongolia’s Nadaam Festival as was my case. 

13 July 2014

Golden Eagle - 25 years of luxury train travel memories

Restaurant car

Luxury train travel has that old fashioned decadent feeling; Evenings on board listening to the pianist while the world goes by with a glass of champagne and a good intelligent conversation about the most wonderful trip you took last year. This is the image that books like Murder in the Orient Express evoke.

03 July 2014

Cosmopolitan Moscow: 5 reasons to visit now

Long are gone the years of grey concrete buildings and muted cultural life. Today’s Moscow exudes XXI century glamour, green promenades, modern shopping centres and a pompous past.

Population is finally increasing after years of decline due to low life expectancy and birth rate and the city seems to have found its own re-birth.