My name is Mar and I am a travel addict! 

But not your regular one, I am addicted to out of the ordinary places/experiences/people.  If I ever get lost, don't look for me in Paris or New York but in some rarely visited, off the beaten path location doing something exclusive and, if I can, luxurious

I have been lucky enough to travel for work and fun for the last 10 years non-stop. Every week, I would catch a plane somewhere and come back home for the weekend.  Often, I would stay there or travel somewhere nearby. I have lived in London as an investment banking intern. I spent 4 wonderful months during my university exchange in Montreal 

A few years later I moved to Dubai, knowing hardly anything about the completely incredible place. It was exciting and exhilarating to say the least.

Shortly after, I had the chance to move to Johannesburg in South Africa, a wonderful place and three years ago I moved to my current location, Singapore, where I now live.

To date, I have been to 76 countries and counting. Planning at least New Zealand, French Polynesia, Russia, Mongolia and North Korea for this year.

I got caught up in Uganda's riots, lived through Kenya's post-election violence on the ground when even the airlines cancelled their flights, I was in Sudan when shootings closed down several embassies, I had a project in Madagascar when the coup took place and I discussed how to resolve constant contractor kidnappings in Iraq.

In this blog I wanted to share my experiences to extraordinary places and all the exclusive trips that I was privileged to enjoy. 

I have been meaning to do this for a long time and heard my mother and my grandpa suggesting I should do it for long. Eventually, work and my boyfriend's encouragement have plunged me into this new adventure - so here I go!

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