01 August 2014

Around the world in 180 days - the ultimate journey of a lifetime

With the 2015 journey almost instantly sold out bookings for the 2016 Oceania Cruises' Around the World in 180 days cruise have opened just this week.

Guests will embark in Miami for a trip across all 24 time zones in what is, truly, a once in a lifetime journey.

The itinerary focuses on the lesser visited areas of South America, Africa and the Pacific with enough time spent in the popular Asia and Southeast Asia countries but totally misses Europe.

Salsa dancing in Brazil

The ship sets sail on a high note cruising through the islands dreams are made of: the Caribbean. Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and St. Lucia continuing onto Barbados, Tobago and Martinique are all daily ports of call allowing for day excursions onshore. Further south there are stops along the northern Caribbean coast of Brazil with options to visit colourful Natal, Fortaleza or Recife. 

Cape of Good Hope, where the Indian and Pacific Oceans meet

From the Eastern most tip of Brazil the route veers towards Africa landing in Togo and Benin for visits to countries off the beaten path. Some of the most stunning stops in Southern Africa are part of the itinerary including the islands of Sao Tome, Walvis Bay in Namibia, an overnight in Cape Town and Cape of Good Hope. On the Eastern side of Africa the itinerary includes magical stops on the remote azure  archipelago of Nosy Be in Madagascar, a hidden gem, the spice island of Zanzibar in Tanzania or Mombasa.

Nosy Be, Madagascar

As if the route needed any more glamour Seychelles and Maldives are next to amaze guests with the clearest waters, most beautiful beaches and richest marine life. These two consecutive ports of call may even prompt surreal arguments around which one was more fabulous.

The Maldives. Conrad Hotels

Although no stop in Europe is included in the Insignia journey some of the most popular destinations are part of the Southeast Asian leg with overnights at destinations such as Singapore, Yangon, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Bali and Hanoi to allow for properly taking in the sights and sounds.

Sunset over Halong Bay

Close to 2 months are spent across Asia until the ship sets sail towards Australia for two weeks along the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

Tasmania's Wineglass Bay

The trip tops off with 3 weeks in the Pacific. Images of Bora Bora's over water villas and motus evoke paradise in the true sense of the word. Before crossing the Panama Canal Hawaii is a must stop.

Maui's rugged volcanic coast

Oceania's Around the World in 180 days embodies the ultimate voyage. 47,000 nautical miles on board the comfortable luxury of a fully refurbished cruise ship. From the deck, passengers will marvel at 45 islands, 19 capitals, 45 countries and 92 ports of call. Occasional days at sea and 14 overnight stops will slow down the itinerary to avoid a sightseeing overload 

The devil is in the details

Until the end of September 2014 the trip is 70% off with rates starting at $42,000 per person and lots of other benefits such as free first class tickets

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