11 September 2014

10 reasons why you should book a sailing trip in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination, the most visited in Asia but, how can you have an exclusive trip with such high numbers of tourists?

1. Beat the crowds

Thailand has become one of the world's most popular destinations and, as such, can be a little overwhelming if you are trying to have a peaceful relaxing holiday. Aside from booking yourself in one of the many beautiful beach resorts in hidden islands next time, try chartering a sailing yacht. You will have the most incredible beaches and islands to yourself. We guarantee you, the most overrun are not the most beautiful but the most accessible. And you will also be able to beat the crowds at the also beautiful and most obvious sightseeing places. 

Famous James Bong Island, Maya Bay, where the movie The Beach was filmed and other famous spots get absolutely overrun with tourists mid morning. However, arrive before the crowds or even, at sunrise, and you will have the place to yourself. Apart from observing nature in its undisturbed state and snapping that shot that none of your friends will ever see - emptiness. 
2. Stunning sunrises

On board your own yacht you will be able to enjoy the sun set and rise from the deck of your drifting yacht. Nothing beats seeing the sun rise for a few minutes over the turquoise sea and then roll down into your cabin to enjoy a few more hours of rest.

3. Sleeping under the stars

One of the most magical experiences about sailing is the opportunity to fall asleep on deck, under the stars. Thailand's warm weather will make it possible for you to bring your mattress up on deck and lay down to observe the millions of stars in the unpolluted sky, away from any civilisation and any blinding lights.

4. Feel like a celebrity

Because nothing oozes glamour and celebrity status more than a glass of champagne while the breeze gently messes with your hair. Done the latest bikini, sit on deck and enjoy the sights and sounds of the elite.

5. Learn to sail

Needless to say, once on a boat the skipper will be glad to have a pair of hands to help him pull ropes and raise the sail so if you want to learn the hobby of the rich, this is as good a time as ever.

6. A true island hopping vacation

No other vacation will allow you to visit some of the farthest and most isolated parts of Thailand which, you guessed it, are the most dazzling. Think white powder sand beaches with no trace of humans. Still caves only accessible in low tide. Snorkeling in crystal clear waters with no screaming tourist but just you, your yacht mates and the marine life. On a 4 day/3 night cruise around the Phang Nga Bay area off Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi you have enough time to see a constant stream of isolated picture perfect beaches

7. Because you will be the boss

Whether you are already the boss at home or at work no other holiday will give you the feeling of being Commander in Chief like holding the steering wheel at the back of your sailing yacht. 

8. Get to know your yacht mates

Place a group of friends or a couple in the confined space of a yacht for any length of time and get ready to meet the real person. Lack of space, heat and need to share water and cooking/cleaning responsibilities will reveal who your friends really are. Want to know if she/he is the one? Book a sailing trip. 

9. It may be more affordable than a luxury hotel

Beautiful hotels with dramatic plunging pools, breath taking views and gorgeous rooms abound in Thailand but they also come at a cost. For the truly luxurious hotels in the Phuket/Phi Phi area be prepared to pay around $500-1,000 for the high season. If you charter one of the luxury sailing yachts complete with a crew and food for 4 days you should be looking at spending around $500 sharing. We are talking high end luxury floating hotels with a chef, fresh food cooked every day, luscious breakfasts while watching the waves roll and equipment for fishing, snorkeling and even diving. For a more modest yacht and a DIY set-up you should expect to pay $100-200 depending on your crew size. 

10. Because it's fun

There is no denying that spending time on a boat for a few days is, above everything, extremely peaceful, soul soothing and fun. Yes, your bathroom will not have a bathtub (most likely) and your bed might no be king size but bring on a few props like water guns and get ready to dance on deck, listen to the best tunes while sipping a watermelon vodka cocktail, jump into the water and explore secret places, swim with the fish, sunbathe with only the waves for sound...the possibilities are endless and you can make the trip as active or as relaxing as you like. You are the Captain, you chose the route.

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